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Lonely Vocalist
When loneliness overtakes the heart, can you ever really go back to how you were before?

((Independent RP blog for my OC Scarlet and her sister Janice. I'll Roleplay with anyone. No art used here is mine unless stated otherwise.))

Game Over (Enderkat drabble thingy)

I was cornered. Stuck in a glitch, unable to move. My body’s rage was persistent, as I attempted to lash out at the one attacking me, but I just couldn’t anymore.

His diamond blue eyes stared down at me with the darkest of intent.

“This is for Dave.”

And with that, I felt the blade come down. Over and over it lashed into my thick skin, drawing out violet-tinted crimson liquid. 

The rage subsided. 

The pain stopped.

I couldn’t see.

I couldn’t hear.

It was the end.

Game Over.


I woke up, groaning in pain. I had apparently fallen asleep in a small cave of shadows… 

…I was dead…

But no, that was just a dream…


But the fear in my gut promised me otherwise.

From now on, I’d have to watch my back…

…And he’d have to watch his.